Santiago, from hospitality to aged care

July 24th, 2022Santiago, from hospitality to aged care

Santiago Delasa made the move from hospitality to working in aged care at Hepburn House a year ago and couldn't be happier.

Santiago Delasa made the move from hospitality to working in aged care at Hepburn House a year ago and couldn’t be happier.
Born in Buenos Aires in Argentina, the 39-year-old, also loves languages and is fluent in four – English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, with his Nepalese on the way.
“My English might not be perfect (it is) but I feel like I really connect with languages, and I love English even more than Spanish. Spanish is very romantic but the sentences are very long and it takes ages to convey anything.”
Fuelling that love of English, Santiago graduated from high school in America and then spent some years working on the ski slopes around the US, also working as a chef for vegan restaurants, before taking up a position in his father’s real estate business.
But about four years ago Santiago decided it was time to move from Argentina, a country he says where it is difficult to build a career or get ahead. His parents were also onboard with the decision.
“My parents just want what is best for me and at the momemt that is to stay here. My country is heading towards communism and is just not a good place. I just want to be able to live in a stable country where there is not a 300 per cent annual inflation rate. I want to live in a country where people can work and progress.”
At first Santiago thought about Canada but the agency he applied to was more involved with Australia and also “inspired confidence in me” so he filled in the paperwork and found himself in Melbourne.
He eventually moved to Ballan and all the time Santiago was learning about Australia, its culture, its First Nations people and the way of life. He discovered Daylesford and knew that his hospitality skills would be sought after and made the move.
Harvest Cafe was where he found a job and the people there became his friends. But then he discovered the joys of working with older people and became a personal care worker at Hepburn House.
He is loving the position so much next year he will start his Bachelor of Nursing – “the next step”.
“I love working with people, being helpful and trying to make them have a good experience or just make them feel good.
“I have always felt that way, and thought it was all about hospitality but working with the elderly has really woken a passion in me and let’s just see where it takes me.
“Nursing comes with so many opportunities so I could be working with the elderly, or kids or in the ICU – there is so much potential.”
Santiago said while Hepburn House was his first job in aged care he loved it and was also really pleased to see how well the residents were looked after.
“We dedicate a lot of time to our residents and I get to provide a quality service, a really personal care approach, and connect with the residents to make sure they never feel like they are being rushed. That is very important to me and everyone who works there.
“And all the staff are great, very lovely and very loyal.”
Santiago said he really hoped to remain in Australia – “I love everything about this country” and Daylesford – “I think it is very healing and very mystical”.
But he realises that with studying nursing next year, he is opening a new chapter in his life.
“I have opened a new door, working in aged care, and now I just need to see where that takes me.”
Hepburn House in Daylesford offers a unique mix of a fabulous environment, progressive personalised care, and excellent lifestyle amenities.
Call 5348 8100 or visit www.hepburnhouse.com.au

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