Saucy request

January 27th, 2020Saucy request

THE Daylesford Good Grub Club needs your help.

THE Daylesford Good Grub Club needs your help.

Organiser Lorelle Thompson-Pope said the club gets produce donated from both Daylesford Coles and another Bendigo-based source, but a lot is pretty much at the end of it’s usable life when it arrives and sometimes there’s too much to be able to use it before it is past usability.

“For some time there have been discussions about how best to use this produce so it is not wasted and a couple of ideas have been developed. 

“One of these ideas is to bottle some of the produce, tomatoes and fruit do well in bottles and last for a long time, and can be used in many ways from the bottles.  Trouble is we don’t have a bottling system.”

Lorelle said she wondered if there were any locals who might have old Fowlers Vacola (or similar) systems that they no longer use. 

“If anyone does I would like to put in a request for someone, or more than one person, to donate a whole system or some of the components, such as the bottles and clips, to the club so they can use it to preserve, and extend the life of, some of the produce received.”

The club offers breakfast and food parcels on Tuesdays and lunch and food parcels on Thursdays from the Uniting Church in Daylesford.

Contact Lorelle on 0448 037 314.

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