Sharing and repairing: more fixers welcome

May 25th, 2023Sharing and repairing: more fixers welcome

Creswick’s upcoming Repair and Share event is pretty much what the name suggests.
Caption: Transition Creswick’s Tim Drylie with a bicycle that needs repairs. Bicycle repair know-how is among the many types of handy skills welcomed as part of this month’s Repair and Share event expected to be the first of many more to come.

Words and image: Eve Lamb

Creswick’s upcoming Repair and Share event is pretty much what the name suggests.

Organised by local sustainability group Transition Creswick, it’s all about repairing broken items, similar to the successful Repair Cafe concept that’s keeping serious volumes of perfectly fixable stuff out of landfill in many communities already.

To get the ball rolling, a couple of months back Transition Creswick tested the waters by running a Repair Cafe event at Creswick, with a little help from the established Daylesford Repair Cafe.

About 40 people turned up at the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre hall with things that needed repair, and many broken or not-working things were fixed. It all went so well that now Transition Creswick is getting set to hold another similar event.

The upcoming Repair and Share event is set for Sunday May 28 and will take place from 1 to 4pm, once again in the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre hall.

Transition Creswick facilitator Tim Drylie says everyone is welcome to roll up with items that need fixing – and, in this case, also with goodies to share.

He says the Repair and Share concept will incorporate a share table where locals can share and swap intrinsically valuable things like home-baked cakes, or that excess quince crop that would otherwise go to waste in the back yard, or those eggs the chooks have laid in over- abundance.

Tim says it’s hoped the concept will become a regular monthly fixture, and he also says more people with handy repair skills of all kinds are encouraged to get in contact as their abilities will be very welcome.

This includes things like the ability to provide basic bicycle repairs, mechanical repairs, ceramic repairs and even IT know-how. A volunteer fixer who is a qualified electrician would also be most welcome, Tim mentions.

“The Daylesford Repair Cafe has been very successful over several years and has made a big difference in terms of stuff not going to landfill,” he says.

 “We ran our first Repair Cafe a couple of months ago in conjunction with the Daylesford Repair Cafe as a bit of an outreach. It was very successful and we had people with all sorts of repair skills including clothes mending, knife-sharpening, bike repairs, ceramics repairs and small appliance repairs 

“Repair and Share is a slightly different approach but we have a strong affiliation with the Repair Cafe. At the moment we’re putting the structures in place to ensure it’s all done safely and the checks and balances are done. It’s with the broader idea of having a community exchange market down the track, enabling non-monetary trading.

 “It’s also about good conversation. These sorts of events are very good for community connectedness.

 “There is a natural abundance that we can all bring to our community that helps build resilience.

“I think a lot of people are experiencing frustration at having appliances break down. Built-in redundancy is an issue, and it might be something as simple as needing a bike tube changed or a sweater darned.

 “We’re tapping into expertise that may not otherwise be valued as much in our current economy, and it’s often very satisfying for people who have these sorts of skills to give back in this way.

“Of course unfortunately some things can’t be repaired, and it may be a matter of referring people to someone else with the expertise to help.”

Transition Creswick is auspiced by the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre and some of the other projects with which it’s also currently involved include the Hepburn EV Bulk Buy scheme and the creation of an Indigenous food garden.

Those who would like more information, or who think they may have useful repair skills to contribute are encouraged to contact Transition Creswick at transitioncreswick@gmail.com

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