Outdoor pools prepare for new summer season

November 6th, 2023Outdoor pools prepare for new summer season

The City of Ballarat’s outdoor pools will begin opening from this month for the new summer season.

The City of Ballarat’s outdoor pools will begin opening from this month for the new summer season.

The Environmental Health Team at the City of Ballarat undertake routine water quality testing at public accessible pools to ensure operators are providing a safe environment for all users.  

Whilst the team are busy testing all year round, once the weather starts to warm up, the importance of the testing does too.  

The team monitors the water quality of more than 67 aquatic facilities including City of Ballarat managed pools and splash parks and has begun testing of the city’s outdoor pools, ready for the influx of visitors when the sun returns for the Summer season.  

A team of eight Environmental Health Officers conduct regular water quality testing onsite at aquatic facilities providing independent, instant test results for operators.  

The team works with operators, discussing results and providing advice to ensure the water quality at the facility complies with the Regulations and the Water Quality Guidelines.

All public aquatic facilities must have a water quality risk management plan in place to help minimise potential public health risks which includes the requirement for daily water quality monitoring.

Public aquatic facilities are important for maintaining and promoting active lifestyles and providing health benefits. However, if aquatic facilities are not properly managed, the health of the community may be put at risk.

Unsafe water areas can become breeding grounds for germs that can impact large numbers of people quickly, hence why testing is so vital.  

City of Ballarat Director Growth and Development, Natalie Robertson said Ballarat is lucky to have many safe and clean aquatic facilities throughout the city.  

“The Environmental Health Team works hard behind the scenes to ensure our city’s aquatic facilities are safe and clean for the community to confidently use,” she said.  

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