The Local scoops Australian Enterprise Award

February 1st, 2024The Local scoops Australian Enterprise Award

The Local Publishing Group has been awarded Best Regional Home & Country Lifestyle Media Publishing Group 2024 in APAC Insider's eighth annual Australian Enterprise Awards.

The Local Publishing Group has been awarded Best Regional Home & Country Lifestyle Media Publishing Group 2024 in APAC Insider’s eighth annual Australian Enterprise Awards.

APAC spokesperson Kaven Oscar Cooper said to determine the results, “our judging panel and research
team take into consideration the commitment, expertise, and innovation demonstrated by nominees through nomination information, voting information, and any supporting evidence you have supplied – plus results from their own extensive research”.

APAC’s website says over the years it has been committed to shining a light on the very best of
Australian business.

“Australia is known for its diverse and resilient economy, with the country experiencing an
uninterrupted period of growth over the three decades prior to the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020.

“In the years following the pandemic, Australian industry has experienced various challenges but has been recovering at a quicker rate than many of the world’s other top economies.

In fact, Australia currently ranks as the 12th largest GDP worldwide, which it has achieved
despite its much smaller population in comparison to the countries placing higher in the list.

“Through the Australian Enterprise Awards 2024, APAC Insider recognises the key players driving
innovation across the variety of sectors that make up Australia’s dynamic business market. We use a strict merit-based approach to assess all nominees.”

Editor Donna Kelly said The Local Publishing Group was thrilled to receive news of the award.

“We found out a little while back we were nominated, not sure who by, and then they let us know
we had won.

“It was all a bit surprising but also such a great thrill. You always hope you are doing a good job – and we do get lots of very nice feedback – but when something like this comes into your inbox it’s lovely. Made my day.”

General manager Kyle Barnes said the industry had been challenged during the pandemic but now it was back on track and stronger than ever.

“We had a few moments there when we thought we might have to just produce a digital publication but really, if you are not in print, then you’re not really a newspaper.

“And our readers still love print. Even when they have already read us online at tlnews.com.au, they still
pick up their printed copy from around the shire.

“We know that every edition gets snapped up – and some people have collections back to the first edition in 2013.

“We also want to thank our clients and readers. We do it for them really. This is their award.”

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