CFA Pride helps members to thrive

February 12th, 2024CFA Pride helps members to thrive

For the 9th consecutive year, CFA members have taken part in the annual Midsumma Pride March.

For the 9th consecutive year, CFA members have taken part in the annual Midsumma Pride March.

The March, which runs as part of the Midsumma Festival, is an opportunity to proudly demonstrate the CFA’s commitment and support to the LGBTQAI+ community and to reaffirm its position as an inclusive and welcoming organisation. 

A number of CFA members took part in the event alongside emergency service colleagues, marching to support their LGBTQAI+ colleagues, friends and family members. 

CFA General Manager – Infrastructure Services Paul Santamaria was one of these participants.  

“CFA is a leading organisation in the community, and being a leader in our organisation means it’s important to show how CFA works to embrace and include all members of CFA and the communities we serve,” he said. 

“We’re made up of so many different people from so many different identities and it’s so important to make CFA a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.” 

Paul said events such as Midsumma Pride March are a great opportunity to learn and network. 

“Taking part in events such as these are a great way to meet people from across the state, and also from our emergency services partner organisations,” he said. 

“It’s really important to me that I continue to learn from people with different identities, backgrounds and histories – it makes us a more inclusive organisation.” 

Paul said everyone can work toward creating a safer and more inclusive CFA by being willing to learn. 

“We can be better allies to the LGBTQAI+ community by being willing to listen and engage, being willing to have a conversation and learn a bit more than you didn’t know the day before. 

“It helps you develop as a person and helps you to build a shared learning and understanding, and helps others feel supported and included.” 

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