Kyle’s Rant

May 29th, 2023Kyle’s Rant

Recently we got ChatGPT to write up a piece of editorial, which it quite frankly penned from its electronic anus. See below.

RECENTLY we got ChatGPT to write up a piece of editorial, which it quite frankly penned from its electronic anus. See below.
The horse has bolted out of the stable gates and spilt the milk which was in the bottle with the genie – who just won’t get back in. I am talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and its role within our society.
This stuff is here to stay. There is no pulling the plug and it is likely to become self-aware within the next decade or so. In terms of medical breakthroughs it will be nothing short of a Godsend, of that I am sure, however when it, AI, no longer needs us to keep its battery topped up and feed it information, what happens then?
Right now, here at little old TL HQ we get paid a small fee by the tech giant Google to put up four stories a day onto Google News Showcase, 365 days a year and we are a small community newspaper. Imagine all the other newsrooms and sites that are getting paid by Google to do the same but on a massive scale of seven or more stories a day per organisation year round.
Think about the massive scale of information that is feeding the monster and the frightening part is that started last year and will now go on almost indefinitely or until we are no longer required. So in a manner of speaking it’s like the AI baby is in the high chair and we (the news organisations) are feeding it with lots of yummy news to grow up to be a nice and strong cyborg.
Apparently, one of the new AI applications we should see rolled out shortly is the lack of pricing on the shelves at the supermarket as we hurtle towards “smart pricing” (SP). SP will determine how often you buy a product or if you rely on a certain product, and will price it accordingly. There will be no visible pricing, just a barcode you can scan, and the pricing is decided for you along with stock and availability.
The way forward for me is to legislate against the corruption of power from the people that own the tech (our future masters and commanders). To pass laws on what is coming will take years to implement and argue about, and we do have time, but we need to start now. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the “I” part, that is the intelligence bit of it, because that part of the human brain seems to be
diminishing into the phones, tablets and TVs that deliver our entertainment. Please young’uns, get off your phones and enjoy the world as it is. Look at that young fella who rescued the bus driver and all the kids onboard in America as he was the only one not staring at a phone. Hold this guy up as your saviour of the future, the Kyle Reese of your generation – think human enemy of terminator from the
future goes back to save himself dude. The end is nigh rant over

200 words on Kyle Barnes in Glenlyon, Victoria please…

Kyle Barnes had always loved living in Glenlyon, a small town in Victoria, Australia. He had grown up here, playing with his friends in the local park and exploring the nearby forests.
As he got older, he became a familiar face in the community, known for his friendly nature and willingness to lend a hand to anyone who needed it.
One summer day, Kyle decided to take a hike in the nearby mountains. He packed a backpack with some water, snacks, and a first aid kit, and set off early in the morning. As he climbed higher and higher, he marvelled at the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. But as he reached the summit, he heard a faint cry for help coming from a nearby cliff.
Without hesitation, he rushed over to see a hiker who had slipped and fallen injuring her leg. Kyle quickly assessed the situation and used his first aid skills to help the woman, making sure she was stable and comfortable before calling for help.
Thanks to Kyle’s quick thinking and bravery, the hiker was rescued and taken to the hospital for further treatment.
Kyle received numerous accolades from the community and was hailed as a hero for his selfless act. But for Kyle, he was just doing what came naturally – helping someone in need.
Words: ChatGPT (Ed’s note: “Friendly nature?” Talk about fabrication.)

Ground-breaking AI defamation case

April 12th, 2023Ground-breaking AI defamation case

Gordon Legal has launched a ground-breaking defamation claim against OpenAI’s ChatGPT on behalf of Hepburn Shire Council Mayor, Cr Brian Hood.

Words: Donna Kelly

Gordon Legal has launched a ground-breaking defamation claim against
OpenAI’s ChatGPT on behalf of Hepburn Shire Council Mayor, Cr Brian Hood.

Gordon Legal alleges Cr Hood’s reputation was defamed by the ChatGPT AI,
which incorrectly identified him as an individual who faced charges related to a
foreign bribery scandal, rather than his actual role as the whistle-blower in the case.
Cr Hood previously worked for Note Printing Australia – a Reserve Bank of
Australia subsidiary – in the early 2000s, when he alerted authorities to officers of
NPA and another subsidiary, Securency, paying bribes to overseas agencies to win
contracts to print banknotes.

Cr Hood (pictured above) was not charged with any offences. Rather, he alerted the authorities to
the wrongdoing and was praised for his bravery in coming forward.
ChatGPT made several false statements when asked about Mr Hood’s
involvement in the Reserve Bank of Australia’s foreign bribery case. They included
that Cr Hood was accused of bribing officials in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam
between 1999 and 2005 and that he was sentenced to 30 months in prison after
pleading guilty to two counts of false accounting under the Corporations Act.
All of these statements are false. And Gordon Legal filed a Concerns Notice to
OpenAI on March 21 detailing the inaccuracy and demanding a rectification.
Cr Hood told The Local that one key objective with the claim was letting people
know that ChatGPT was not as secure or accurate as many believed.
“There is not much regulation or control around it. And the information coming
out of it has to be reliable. The really odd thing is that you can put in an enquiry and
it spits out five or six paragraphs and some are absolutely accurate, with names, times
and places all spot on, but then there are others which are false, complete garbage.
“That suggests it is going to certain sites to get the real information but where are
the garbage paragraphs coming from? Is it creating them itself? There is nowhere on
any site that suggests the sort of things I have been alleged to have done, nothing on
the record anywhere, so where is that coming from?
“It is a really weird mixture of fact and fiction and the average punter won’t know
which paragraph is right and which is wrong. It needs to be nipped in the bud. When
it is spitting out stuff that affects people’s reputations, or causes harm or doubt, that
is just wrong. You put garbage out there and some people will believe it.”

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