Shock closure of Palais-Hepburn

July 10th, 2024Shock closure of Palais-Hepburn

Live music venue, Palais-Hepburn, has closed its doors.

Live music venue, Palais-Hepburn, has closed its doors.

Owner Richard Fanale made the announcement on the venue’s Facebook page after sending out a message to patrons and performers.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Palais-Hepburn. 

“We deeply regret to inform you that, due to the current state of the economy, increase in expenses and other unforeseen circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations. 

“We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the talented artists and dedicated agents who entrusted us with showcasing their work.

“Your creativity and passion have been Palais-Hepburn’s soul, and we are honoured to be part of your journey.  

“To our patrons, your unwavering support for local businesses has been the backbone of our success. Your enthusiasm for our events and commitment to our vision made each day at Palais-Hepburn special.  

“Lastly, to our exceptional staff, your hard work, passion, dedication, and resilience have been the driving force behind everything we achieved.”

Mr Fanale said on a personal note, he thanked his friends and family for their support, encouragement and understanding.”

The Local‘s music writer and Hepburn resident Darren Lowe said it was sad another venue had fallen victim to “these economic times”.

“Richard Fanale has run the beautiful, eclectic and stunning venue for the last five and a half years, since November 2018, where part of the experience has always been entering the venue itself, soaking in the atmosphere and feeling that you were somewhere else far more exotic than Hepburn Springs.

“In fact, for many tourists it was the experience of inextricably linking the venue with our town, perhaps making us feel a little more exotic.

“Elegance was always assured, where an acoustic act, rock band, cabaret style revue, fancy lunch, pulsating dance music or school concert were all catered for with aplomb, professionalism and respect for both artist and audience. Fine dining always accompanied gigs.

“Headline acts, up and comers and recent open mic nights were regular features on the calendar.

“Unfortunately, when we add this to the list of pubs, cafes and other venues lost in the area over the last few years, it is really devastating to dwell upon, perhaps reflected across the rest of the country and a reminder to get out and support live music wherever possible.”

Darren said there could be a number of low-key farewell events.

“Palais-Hepburn was an important and vibrant part of an official Christmas celebration of our little village, only late last year, where unfortunately six months later only one of those five to six venues still remain.”

Words: Donna Kelly. Image: Eve Lamb

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