The Great Trentham Spudfest gearing up

March 3rd, 2023The Great Trentham Spudfest gearing up

Attention all spud lovers. The Great Trentham Spudfest is gearing up for Saturday, May 6 - and it's not just potatoes!

Attention all spud lovers. The Great Trentham Spudfest is gearing up for Saturday, May 6 – and it’s not just potatoes!

Vendor coordinator Susie Wyatt, pictured, said the day would not just be about
“our awesome spuds” but include music stages, community groups, a growers market
and loads of vendors.
And that is where Susie steps in.
“We pretty much already signed up all the vendors we had last year so I think that
really shows how much they enjoyed it last time,” she said.
“And we also want to expand our focus from the awesome spuds to a lot of other
really cool produce and people from around the area – we want to make the event
bigger than ever.
“Last year we had a smaller event, because of Covid, but this year we will fill the
whole of Market Street and the Railway Station along with a growers market in the
town square so those business owners benefit from the foot traffic that is generated.
“We are definitely looking for people who grow things and the more local, the
better. We want to keep it as Trentham-y or Hepburn Shire-y as possible.”
Susie said there were already quite a few new vendors but more were needed and
she had been doing the rounds of local markets and putting feelers out on Facebook
pages to find people. “Maybe those little makers who don’t have a shopfront – this is a
great opportunity for them to come and join in.”
Susie said community groups were also welcome to come along to create a
fundraising opportunity for themselves or just help out on the day.
“Everyone is looking forward to it and the committee is really excited that we are
going to have a big event again – and we really hope as many people as possible come
along and enjoy themselves. It’s going to be a great day.”

Details: Vendor coordinator Susie Wyatt at vendor@trenthamspudfest.org.au
or 0420 554 217.

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