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June 19th, 2022Travel time

IT'S been a long two and a half years. And while we are still in a pandemic most of us are vaccinated, know when to pop on a mask and distance, and are ready to either go full speed ahead into the the world, or just take some baby steps.

IT’S been a long two and a half years. And while we are still in a pandemic most of us are vaccinated, know when to pop on a mask and distance, and are ready to either go full speed ahead into the the world, or just take some baby steps.
So we have dedicated this edition to travel – past and present. Along with our features, we asked friends of The Local to tell us about their favourite travel spots. Glen Heyne, Richard Cornish and Bill Wootton also went international with their columns.
We hope you enjoy this edition and maybe find some ideas for that long-missed travel. We would love to hear about your favourite places as well. Send a few lines and a pic to donna@tlnews.com.au and we’ll post them on our website at www.tlnews.com.au Enjoy. Donna

Tony Sawrey

It is hard to know how Hong Kong is faring these days. I have not been there since 2019. And by the time the pandemic curtain came down on this unique place China was asserting more and more control over Hong Kong Island and the New Territories.

But this harbour metropolis of 7.5 million Cantonese speaking inhabitants was always an experience and will no doubt remain one of the world’s significant nodes no matter how much mainland China tries to suck the life out of it. I have visited the region five times and while Hong Kong as a foreign tourist was never a place you could ever really know, I quickly acquired an affection for the place, from Central with its international art galleries, the sleaze of Wan Chai to the bustling energy of Kowloon. Here’s hoping for another visit in the future. 

Jen Clarke

Without a doubt, my favourite travel place is somewhere I don’t want to tell you about. It is a small, historic coastal town in the south east of South Australia, seemingly miles from anywhere and it is dear to my heart.

I grew up in the area and have loved the stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, historic buildings and wonderful walks of Robe since I was a small child. Driving on to the 17km Long Beach for a swim or surf, bouncing over the back beach tracks, playing golf, having drinks and dancing to live music at the beloved historic pub ‘The Cally’ and even seeing the latest movies at the tiny cinema are just a few of the daily summer activities. Yes, it can be windy and the water can be freezing, but the little town is always just a lot of fun.    

Kevin Childs

Memories of the sun-painted dawn across the sea at Mallacoota, near the Victoria-NSW border, never fade. As does the time we cruised out in the inlet with a local, who dived overboard to get a crayfish for lunch. Then rustled up abalone, and some venison. Fires harshly hit the town, with the Navy evacuating locals and tourists, but it’s fought back, with guts and spirit. We love its characters: painters, fisherfolk, historians and semi-retired bikies. The moment we arrive is just bliss. Ruled from far-away, it’s even declared itself a republic! To upend a famous song, it’s in our blood like holy wine.

Lindsay Smith & Nick Bunning

The UK – Our favourite holiday destination has to be the UK. Whether it’s the abundant history, verdant countryside, crazy accents that can differ even from suburb to suburb, or the amazing theatre on offer, there is so much to do.

One of the other great pleasures is “spotting a celeb”. In 2019, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Aussie Olympic gold medallist, Matthew Mitcham on the underground rushing below the streets of London.

Loretta Little

Turkey – Without a doubt, my favourite place to visit is Turkey. I guess the main reason is that this exotic, historic country was where my eldest daughter was married in a Crusader castle on the Aegean. She and her fiancé were archaeologists working in Eastern Turkey.

Thirty Australians travelled to Bodrum, and we took all the wedding dresses, the champagne and bouquets with us. The wedding at sundown was glorious, performed by a robed female cleric, and all the local councillors invited themselves, and the Australian consul and his wife also asked to be included.
As the sun sank over the sea, we adjourned to the gardens, where peacocks paraded amongst the ancient statues, and the food was amazing, completed by a huge wedding cake made in the image of the castle…It was a truly magical experience, and one we will never forget.

Darren Lowe

New York – At the moment, it’s right where I am, NYC in summer. You can pay for the tourist attractions, which are great, but you can also just walk neighbourhoods, and as one local put it to me, ‘see action every 50 feet’.

Vibrant, colourful and importantly at this time of year for where we come from, warm!

Renea McCarthy

Singapore – My favourite place to travel is Singapore. Less than eight hours from home and you enter a whole new world. Be it the food, the people or the culture.

You cannot go wrong with Singapore or the traditional breakfast of kaya toast while taking in the views of the Singapore River. Take me back to Singapore.

Julie Hanson

High Country – We recently holidayed just up through Mansfield at Merrijig last November; we stayed in a beautiful resort looking up at Mt Bulla.

The town of Merrijig is where a lot of The Man from Snowy River was filmed many years ago. We fished, golfed, visited and tasted wines at the wineries in the King Valley and had some wonderful meals. Local hospitality was amazing, we even joined in at the local pub for a trivia night.

Jennifer Atchison

Vancouver – One of my favourite spots, that makes my must-go-to list when I’m in Vancouver, is Granville Island Market. Brimming with local produce to please the most discerning of foodies (guilty), as well as all manner of art and craft for purchase, this place feels like magic.

From taking an Aquabus to get there, visiting the art galleries, eating ice-cream on the waterfront boardwalk to the colourful floral hanging baskets found everywhere, it conjures up only the happiest of memories with each and every visit.

Bradley Thomas

USA – I’ve been very lucky to travel to the USA twice now, and absolutely love it. Each state is so different, and I’ve found where I have travelled really safe and friendly.

The highlight for me has to be NYC as it is true, it is the city that never sleeps but it’s also the city that you can access anything easily – whether that is a Broadway show, shopping, sporting events, awesome food, even great coffee when I last visited and you can spend hours just watching the people.

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