Vale Ros 5.2.1955- 8.5.2024

May 27th, 2024Vale Ros 5.2.1955- 8.5.2024

Rosalind Brooks was born on February 5, 1955 to Gertrude and Roy Brooks. She came into the world in a taxi on the way to Royal Women's Hospital.

Rosalind Brooks was born on February 5, 1955 to Gertrude and Roy Brooks. She came into the world in a taxi on the way to Royal Women’s Hospital.

Sadly, once they reached the hospital Gertrude became unwell and died just four days later. Ros was taken to the Berry Street Babies’ Home and then the Allambie Children’s Home in Burwood where she stayed for eight years.

In a memoir she wrote in 2003, Ros said the next move was to the Saint Nicolas Hospital in Carlton where she lived for four years. After another move to a hospital in Sunbury Ros was told to pack everything and was picked up by her grandmother, who took her to live in Reservoir.

Ros was treated like a daughter by her grandmother, and stayed with her until she died. She then went to live with her father, step-mother and siblings.

In 1997 Rose was living at the Marong Caravan Park and noticed a man walking past at 7am every day “taking his little dog for a walk”.

“This went on for about nine or 10 weeks and one morning I was sitting by myself out under the nice big shady tree that was close to my caravan annexe and I said hello to him and asked if he would like to have a cuppa with me.

“He said ‘yes please’, so into my van we went and I made us both a cup of coffee. I told the man my name and he told me that his name was John and that his little dog’s name is Joey.”

The couple got to know each other well and eventually moved to Bendigo where they stayed for three years before taking a drive to Daylesford.

“We went to all the real estate agents in Daylesford and we had a look in the front shop window of the supermarket and we saw a notice about a house for rent, so we got the phone number and rang up and, guess what, we got the house.”

Ros and John married, with the help of the Daylesford Football and Netball Club, and Ros wrote she had many great memories of the time they spent together.

“John was a gentle man and he was great to know, He is now resting at peace with his mum and dad in the lawn cemetery at Ballarat. I still love you forever my darling John!”

A funeral service for Ros was held at the Verey Chapel, Daylesford on Tuesday, May 21.

Daylesford has many memorable persons. One of the more noticeable was Ros Brooks.

She attended The 5,000 Club at Stanbridge Hall for years, enjoying the company and the meals, and was a volunteer for some time. Her task was wrapping the cutlery in paper napkins, while carrying on a spirited conversation at top volume.

Ros also featured at Coles, where she loaded her trolley while calling out greetings to people whom she recognised.

As she had met my two grandchildren when they were helping at the Christmas lunch, she invariably called out to me across the aisle:

“How’s your grandchildren?” She was genuinely interested in hearing of their growth and achievements, and sent them her love and good wishes.

Battling many and various health issues did not dampen Ros’s positive attitude and her unfailing optimism.

It is very sad that this dear, kind and hearty woman will no longer spread her uncomplicated goodwill to all who knew her.

There is surely a lesson for us in her bravery and positivity against such obvious odds, which did not seem to diminish her.

Farewell, Ros, it was good to know you. You will be missed.

Words: Loretta Little, former president, The 5,000 Club, Daylesford

With thanks to celebrant Beverley Risstrom & Verey Funeral Director

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