Welcome to Barry & Co.’s Cocktail Hour – The Print Edition

June 1st, 2020Welcome to Barry & Co.’s Cocktail Hour – The Print Edition

Welcome to Barry & Co.’s Cocktail Hour - Long Summer Daze

Does anyone else feel like time is flying by? It seems like only yesterday I was testing out and writing last week’s cocktail.

It’s been a week of good news in regards to lockdown restrictions easing. Kids are slowly heading back to school, which should take some of the stress off our mums and dads out there. And great news for our local accommodation services, pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops, they’ve all had the go-ahead to open in some form and hopefully it results in bookings and increased business. Good luck, guys!

Today’s cocktail is for those day dreaming of languid Summer days, good times gathering with friends and sharing food and drink. It also makes use of some great local produce from Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs as well as produce from Daylesford Sunday Market. How lucky are we to have so much good produce around?

Long Summer Daze


5 strawberries

Half a lime

45mls gin (so many good local ones to choose from)

Ginger & kaffir lime mineral water

Mint to garnish


Place three strawberries in your cocktail shaker and squeeze in the juice of half a lime, then muddle. Add 45mls of gin and shake vigorously. In a tall glass add some ice, pieces of strawberry and mint, double strain the shaker into the glass and then top with the ginger & kaffir lime mineral water. Shut your eyes and soak up that daydream of sunshine and friends.

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