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March 18th, 2022Your Say

YESTERDAY I put down my gardening tools and picked up my talking drum. Catching the bus with close neighbours and fellow community to the steps of Parliament House.

YESTERDAY I put down my gardening tools and picked up my talking drum. Catching the bus with close neighbours and fellow community to the steps of Parliament House.
Standing there with these good people, I was overwhelmed by the need to acknowledge the traditional elders and their traditional ancestors. “If I could speak for the spirit of the land and country what message could I relay from my heart to the hearts of all people?”

With the images of people crying out to be rescued from rooftops everywhere as the waters rise up to claim their homes, their lives hanging on by a thread, there is an overwhelming feeling of loss being shared by so many at this time. We have shared in this loss during fires that have also taken lives, homes, animals and our cherished wildlife.
Again and again, natural disasters are occurring, the loss is so overwhelming and being shared by so many. All these natural disasters are telling us that we must come into balance with nature, we must make sustainable and green decisions for our future. We must all participate to stop global warming or else there will be no future for any of us.
All these natural disasters are happening while AusNet, a million dollar corporation is threatening to carve a path through the region that boasts Victoria’s treasured national parks – Brisbane Ranges National Park, Creswick Regional Park and the Lerderderg State Park. These 80m high voltage electrical towers will impact on our environment, destroying native habitat. Some of our vital agricultural land – Australia’s food bowl – will be lost forever.

The amenity liability and well-being of tens of thousands of people will be destroyed. Bushfires will skyrocket. Overhead power lines were responsible for the worst of the Black Saturday bushfires.
These towers are unsafe, inefficient and will destroy our precious landscape.
We, the people, want sustainable green energy that does not play Russian roulette with our lives anymore.
Our future lies in the hands of us all. To speak up and demand green sustainable choices, not to be dictated to, that is communism at its worst. So please join us to fight. Visit www.stopausnetstowers.com.au or send a written letter to Lucy Alesia Horodny, our Greens politician and environmentalist.
As I look out my window now, one of my lovely trees has been broken on this extremely windy day reminding me how real and true this all is.
Lastly I would like to thank the Stop Ausnet community, that is rapidly growing, for showing me through their hard work how to bring this message to us all.
The flowers, food, trees, art, written placards and the cheering displays of horses and tractors on the day showed me that at this time our hearts and minds are opening and we have come together to make real change. A powerful realisation to be had on International Women’s Day.

  • Phoenix Humphrey, Allendale

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