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July 19th, 2022Your say

Dogs on leads please

Dogs on leads please

One of the biggest delights of living in Trentham is the wildlife.
The kangaroos right in town, the diverse birdlife in our Quarry Street and Stoney Creek reserves, and visits from echidnas, wallabies and wombats throughout the year.
I also love dogs. Trentham is home to oodles of cavoodles, spoodles, labradoodles, and many other breeds of dogs, owned by residents and visitors. I meet wonderful people walking my dog, a daily pleasure.
Yet I frequently see dogs off lead, not under the owner’s control, wandering, chasing, and at times frightening other dogs, their owners, and wildlife in our parks and on the Domino Trail that starts in town. I also see lots of dog poo on nature strips and along paths and tracks, which is pretty unpleasant.
Apparently dogs are required by local law to remain on lead in town, and council has provided handy doggy bags to take care of doggy business. Excellent – that’s if these measures are respected.
In the recent past my dog and I have had to fend off aggressive dogs on the loose on several separate occasions. The owners are not in control, always seem surprised, and are often unapologetic.
There is very little if any signage in town to remind people to keep their dogs on leads, and no appropriate fenced-in dog park where they can safely run free. Trentham’s population of dogs and owners has grown dramatically, so I implore council and dog owners to take responsibility for their dog and their dog’s business.
I would like us all to be able to enjoy the smell of nature, not what we have just stepped in, and to feel safe walking in our neighbourhood.

  • Mez Lanigan, Trentham

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