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December 26th, 2022Your say…

Here is an incident that highlights Daylesford's inadequate public toilet facilities.

Here is an incident that highlights Daylesford’s inadequate public toilet facilities.
A number of buses from Kyneton, carrying a large group of young adults/teenagers, stopped in Daylesford near Coles on a Saturday morning recently (December 3), obviously looking for public toilet facilities.
Soon after, I observed one of the buses pull up outside a private residence on the corner of West Street and the Midland Highway.
A group of males got off the bus and ran into the front yard to relieve themselves, while the females all squatted behind the bus on the road – not a pretty sight at all.
Surely this is not a situation a popular tourist town such as Daylesford should accept.

From A.P. Liddle, Smeaton

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