Civic recognition for Danny’s tireless work

February 17th, 2022Civic recognition for Danny’s tireless work

“YOU don’t look for appreciation, but I suppose it’s nice when it comes your way.”

“YOU don’t look for appreciation, but I suppose it’s nice when it comes your way.”
Those are the humble words of Hepburn Shire’s 2022 Citizen of the Year Danny Moynihan, who has spent the past 37 years helping improve the lives of others through countless volunteer roles with more than 24 organisations.
At the January 25 Community Awards and Civic Ceremony, Mayor Tim Drylie described Danny, as a “quiet achiever”.
“Once he makes a commitment to be involved in a community cause or project he is there for the long haul.”
Danny moved to Daylesford with his wife, the late Roz Moynihan and their two young children, Justin, then six, and Natalie, then three, in 1984.
Born in Ballarat, he joined the Post Office in 1968 as a postal clerk in training. Danny was sent to Melbourne for what was meant to be a six-month stint which lasted 16 years.
“I was at Huntingdale and the office was downgraded so I didn’t have an ‘attachment’ to a post office and was transferred to Daylesford.
“The fellow here, Lloyd Williams, had died, just in his 40s, so I thought I might as well come up to the bush. I was also sick of the travelling in Melbourne. We had a house in Mulgrave but I could be working at Seaford, or Port Melbourne or City Road. It was a long way to go to all these offices.
“So I moved in December 1984 and Roz and the kids came up in January 1985 so Justin could go to school. We bought a house in Hospital Street, opposite the hospital, which we eventually sold to the hospital and then moved to Tipperary Springs in 1987. And we have been here ever since.”
That’s except for a short transfer to Maryborough for Danny just eight months after he started at Daylesford. Again, it was supposed to be a short stint of just three months but lasted 18 months. With just one car between them he stayed during the week and returned on weekends so Roz could have the car to ferry the kids around.

He and Roz eventually bought the post office in 1998 and ran it until 2006.
“When I came up here it was a corporate office owned by Australia Post. The exchange was there as well, all under the one building. But they subdivided the building in the 1990s and after 30 years as a postal manager I became a licenced postal manager.
“The building was quite dear at the time, well I thought it was because they were selling other post offices for less, but they said quite rightly it would be worth a lot more in the future. It’s been good superannuation.”
Danny said Roz was always keen to get involved with the community and causes and when he arrived back from Maryborough she was already well known. But it didn’t take him long to make his mark as well, joining many of the same organisations but also doing his own thing.
Among those he has been with, or the 11 he still is with, are Daylesford Rotary, Hepburn Regional Community Cheer Committee, ChillOut, Daylesford Good Grub Club, Hepburn Shire’s White Ribbon, Daylesford Hepburn United Soccer Club Junior Group, Hepburn Shire Neighbourhood Watch, Daylesford Agricultural Show, Daylesford Community Op Shop, Daylesford Indoor Recreation Facility Organising Committee, Community Based Bushfire Mitigation Group, Daylesford Hospital Redevelopment fundraising committee, Daylesford Hospital Redevelopment Committee, Daylesford Scouts Management Committee, Daylesford Girl Guides Management Committee, New Year’s Eve Parade, Daylesford Speedway, Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, Daylesford RSL, Very Special Kids Annual Appeal, Daylesford Probus, Daylesford Gift Run on New Year’s Day to raise funds for Camp Quality and the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal street collection.
One of his most remarkable, or perhaps different, achievements was being elected the first, and probably only, male president of the Daylesford Girl Guides.
He lasted three years and in that time painted the hall, upgraded the kitchen and “did a lot of fundraising”.
Danny said hearing his name called as Citizen of the Year was “more pleasing for the family than the individual.
“Roz was placed on the Hepburn Shire’s (Heather Mutimer) Women’s Honour Roll in 2019 so I said to Nat now I can put my certificate alongside hers.
“And I said on the day that volunteers really do quite often get a lot more out of it than what they put in. Although it seems very hard to get people to join things now days, they don’t like to commit.
“If you are looking to volunteer, just place your name and what you want to do on Facebook, someone will be in touch pretty soon. Although it would be nice if the council had a volunteer and organisation register to put the two together.”
And Danny’s last piece of advice for would-be volunteers, although it seems a little at odds with his own experience. “Don’t spread yourself too thin, if you do, you won’t be able to do the job properly.”
Pictured: Danny with his family, from left, daughter Natalie Moynihan, grand-daughter Wynter Grey, Natalie’s partner Joel Grey and son Justin Moynihan

Words: Donna Kelly | Main image: Kyle Barnes

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