Kyle’s Rant

January 17th, 2021Kyle’s Rant

I WROTE a rant a couple of editions ago that declared I was done for the year and asked if, for one edition of our free reading offering, you (the readers) wouldn’t mind popping your own rant in the allotted space.

A bit of a weird concept granted, but you try having a holiday on a weekly paper and coming up with this luke-warm homogenised wordsmithery muck that I come up with every week.
All while trying to keep my words politically correct while attempting to slip the odd clanger through the editor and two sub-editors who pick over my copy with a fine-tooth comb forensically testing for legalities.
If only I could live in a world where I could actually say what I want about the oxygen thieves that inhabit my sphere without fear of persecution and being stoned to death in the town square by the great unwashed.
But, anyway here I am back in 2021 with a spring in my step. Well, not actually a spring, more like something that happens when you trip over a crack in the footpath and turn back to it as if to blame the crack for suddenly appearing.

But onward I ply into the wonderment of what the year has to offer and so far it’s been eye-wateringly tantalising with what’s going on in America with the circus known as Trump and the tease of a vaccine on the horizon – letting us think we are almost out of this COVID conundrum.
For a few of my very few readers it would seem an opportunity came up to take my place as I rested my weary burnt-out brain from the turmoil that was 2020 for a whole week.
I had readers writing in calling me lazy and a couple of opportunists offered to fill my chair before it was even cool. Would you jump in my grave just as quick?

But no, I am back to claim the full benefits of what the TL HQ has to offer. Stuff like the coffee (it is instant but of a reasonable quality), the wage (it is weekly but not such a good quality) and the working conditions, which wouldn’t pass the pub test in terms of sexual harassment.
I’m back, rant over…

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