Mobile phones out at Bullarto/Lyonville

January 14th, 2021Mobile phones out at Bullarto/Lyonville

A Telstra blackspot mobile phone tower at Bullarto is out of action after it was damaged by thieves who stole copper cabling which provides power to the site.

A Telstra spokesperson told The Local on Thursday, January 14 that the theft had been reported to police and temporary power, to be connected to the site to bring services back online, was being organised over the next 24 hours.

The spokesperson said they believed the cabling was stolen on the weekend.

“Damage or vandalism like this impacts not only on the network but the local community who relies on the mobile site.”

A Bullarto resident told The Local that there had been no Telstra reception for either Bullarto or neighbouring Lyonville for six days.

“And here we are in the middle of the fire season.”

A check of the Telstra website for outages says for Bullarto mobile reception: “There are no confirmed interruptions in your area.”

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