Take a bow,                                              young writers                                               and dreamers

October 10th, 2021Take a bow, young writers and dreamers

The Stranger for the Words in Winter festival.

THIS is the second in The Local’s series of primary students tackling the topic My Dream and secondary students on The Stranger for the Words in Winter festival.
Competition coordinator Maureen Cooper praised the high standard of entries and said she looks forward to next year’s competition place-getters being celebrated in person at the Daylesford Town Hall.

My Dream
by Rosie, 11, Daylesford Dharma School, Grade 5

The old tree on the side of the road dreaming in her abode. She dreamt of a place where the streets don’t have rubbish filling their lanes and blocking the waterways. A place where her roots won’t reach cement and her family who was never meant to be turned into paper.
She dreamt this every day for many days. She started worrying what if this never happens and rubbish has its way. Tree was in a daydream soaking up the land, when a little girl crossed the road with a rubbish bag in hand. She looked at the tree and started to smile, then she picked up the plastic, she did this for a while. She continued this, day after day.
The people who drive past see this and smile. The news spreads and soon more and more people pick up the rubbish just like the girl and clean up their streets.
Tree watched all this happen with a gentle gleaming smile. Tree decided that whenever she could do something good she would. On this oath she swore and forever on, she would.

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